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What is a hook ?
It’s the device in the form of a head, fixed on the coat rack’s bar on which you put your clothes.

How is lice moving?
Lice don’t fly or jump, they crawl. When they are not on hair, lice don’t survive more than 24 to 48 hours.

How work the anti-lice process?
The disc placed in the center of the hook integrate natural extracts that repel the lice through smell. The lice presents on the coats and scarfs are going to flee this smell. This way, the anti-lice device reduce the proliferation of lice outbreak. Once they are no longer on hair, lice eventually die.

Is there any danger for the children?
The disc contain natural extracts integrated in polypropylene, a material used in the making of children’s toy. The anti-lice compound have been validated in laboratory and respect different European norms. Made from natural products, it is harmless to the child.

What is the duration of use of an anti-lice disc?
For optimal effectiveness, it is strongly recommended to change pellet after three months of use. There is no other special maintenance to perform.

Are the discs rechargeable?
No, you just have to replace them.

Can you tell more about the refill process?
Additional anti-lice pellets are delivered separately in airtight bags.
After 3 months of use, simply remove the disc and snap a new one instead.

How many tablets does it take for one year?
For optimal effectiveness, you need to use 3 anti lice disc per hook per school year so 1 every 3 months.

Can lice discs be used on other hooks already installed?
No, the anti lice discs come clipped in the center of the hook “Tête de fil”. The discs are adapted to its particular design and shape.

How come the anti-lice coat rack?
Each coat rack is delivered assembled, which mean that the discs are already fixed on the coat rack. The anti-lice discs and are delivered in sealed bags to allow each child to draw on his disc and then clipped it on the hook.

How have been carried out the laboratory tests?
Two types of laboratory tests were conducted to determine the precise composition of the natural additive and verify the effectiveness of the lice repellent. The test have been realized in the only laboratory breeding lice in Tours, France.
Principle: Measure of the fleeing effect in the presence of the anti lice disc. The fleeing effect is evaluated through the distance traveled by experimental lice as a function of time.
Tests : On Day 0 have been studied the repulsive effect. On Day 7, Day 14 and Day 30 has been studied the persistence of the repulsive effect.

Can we fix the hook “Tête de fil” on wood?
Yes, in this case the hook is delivered individually.

What is the price of a coat rack with 2 hooks, 3 hooks, 7 hooks and additional anti-lice discs?
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